So why do you need a SmartCube? Everyone’s need for additional space is different but we have found the top five reasons people require extra space in their garden include:

  1. Home Office, when you’re lucky enough to work from home but want to keep your work space separate from your home space.
  2. Family Room, a teenager hangout or an extra space in your garden for entertaining, a SmartCube is the smart choice for additional space in your home.
  3. Home Studio, whether you are an artist, author or model airplane builder having a space to escape to and make your own is invaluable.
  4. Home gym, create your own areas at home to work out and never have another excuse to miss as work out session.
  5. Home Recording studio.

Whatever your need is, we will work together with you to build a cube that looks amazing and is built to complement your life.

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