Step 1. Free Site Visit and Consultation

The best way to know if SmartCube is right for you is to avail of our free site visit and consultation.

We will come and spend some time with you in your garden to assess the best SmartCube design options for you. To achieve this we meet with every customer preproduction to determine:

  • The specific need for the space be it office, entertaining area, relaxing area, teen hangout, music studio, gym etc.
  • What the customers interests are in order to determine the style of the SmartCube.
  • The type of environment they like to unwind and relax in.

By combing these elements we work together to create a personalised and perfect bespoke space.

Now we have a detailed understanding of your requirements and expectations will go away and prepare a detailed specification document and quote for you to review.

Interested in a SmartCube?

Book your Free Site Visit today

Whether you’ve made mind up or if you’re still just thinking about it, why not book a completely free, no obligation site visit and consultation with one of the SmartCube team and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

Step 2. Book an Install Date

Once you have reviewed your SmartCube specifications and you are happy to proceed we will work with you to determine the best date for us to start to get your site ready for construction of your SmartCube. To secure this date we will require a holding deposit and prior to starting we will work with you to ensure all details and any optional extras you require are included.

Step 3. Delivery and Installation

The build begins, from start to finish a SmartCube usually takes 4 weeks to build, this can vary depending on design.

Week 1-2

Week 1 begins on the agreed day we come and prepare the foundations for your SmartCube on your site. This will take 1-2 day only and once they are in place we will require 50% payment. For the next two weeks we are back in our workshop working on the construction of your custom made SmartCube.

Week 3-4

At the start of week 3 we will be back on your site to commence onsite construction and installation of your SmartCube. At this point we will require the next 40% payment leaving payment of the final 10% for the end of week 4 once your SmartCube is fully installed.

From start to finish after just 4 weeks all that’s left is for you and your family to enjoy the new space in your life.

Step 4. Enjoy your new SmartCube!

Once you’ve signed off we will ask for the final balance payment to be completed. But that’s not the end of the process! We’ll give you a bit of time to settle into your SmartCube and we’ll then be in touch to make sure you’re happy with your new space. If there are any problems, however small, we’ll be back to fix them as quickly as possible. Your new SmartCube comes with a 10 year guarantee against major structural defects. At this point the only thing that remains is for you to enjoy your new SmartCube!