Hi – we’re SmartCube! We are a brand new Irish business which specialises in the design and construction of ultra modern Irish Garden Rooms.

We are a small Irish owned start-up and family business. The SmartCube concept aims to deliver a uniquely personal handcrafted outdoor space. Our product stems from a passion to create bespoke outdoor spaces that truly complement the environment they inhabit. Our SmartCubes are produced utilising excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail specifically embedding the personalities of our customers in the end product.

To achieve this we meet with every customer preproduction to determine:

  • The specific need for the space be it office, entertaining area, relaxing area, teen hangout, music studio, gym etc.
  • What the customers interests are in order to determine the style of the SmartCube.
  • The type of environment they like to unwind and relax in.

By combing these elements we work together to create a personalised and perfect bespoke space.

The SmartCube Team – our team is made up of 4 highly engaged and motivated individuals including:

  • Leonard Ryan – Cofounder and Craftsman
  • David Craig – Cofounder and Craftsman
  • Jessica Craig (Davids wife) – Interior Designer
  • Edel Hogan (Leonards fiancé) – Office Manager

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