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Smart Garden Room Design for Modern Living

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About SmartCube

A SmartCube is a garden room designed for Irish Gardens. Get the extra space you need, quickly and affordably.

Space is scarce.

We can never have enough of it. But getting more space is often expensive and time consuming. An extension or an attic conversion aren’t always an option.

A SmartCube is designed to give you that extra, precious space you need – for whatever you need it for – quickly and affordably.

A SmartCube is the most cost effective way of adding additional space to your home. Each SmartCube is 9m2 (yes it’s actually a cube) of perfectly formed space designed to fit nicely into the gardens of most Irish homes.

We locally source high quality timber from sustainable forests and then finish and protect our timber using an ancient Japanese style of wood preservation treatment called Shou Sugi Ban.

Shou Sugi Ban involves burning the wood to remove the soft wood and reveal the grain of the hardwood which produces a distinctive textured finish which as well as being a natural wood preservative is ascetically very pleasing – plus it’s environmentally friendly and free of any additional chemicals.

Take a look at SmartCube

Smartcube Standard Pricing

Pricing From
excl. VAT
  • Size: 3m x 3m (9.8ft x 9.8ft)
  • Total Floor Space: 9m2 (96ft2)

Price includes:

  • 40 year weather secure warranty
  • Full installation and assembly by our expert SmartCube Install team
  • Fully plastered interior walls finish
  • Fully wired and insulated.
  • Installation of any additional optional extras you choose (see below)

Need something bigger?

If you need a bit more space we’ve got you covered.

SmartCube Extra

Pricing From
excl. VAT
  • Size: 4m x 3m X 3m (13.1ft x 9.8ft)
  • Total Floor Space: 12m2 (128ft2)

SmartCube Living

Pricing From
excl. VAT
  • Size: 5m x 3m X 3m (16.4ft x 9.8ft x 9.8ft)
  • Total Floor Space: 15m2 (160ft2)

Interested in a SmartCube?


We can provide you with a wonderful deck to compliment your SmartCube.

Price Range: €2000 – €3000.


A SmartCube comes with laminate flooring as standard. We also offer additional custom flooring options including semi-solid, hardwood, tiles or whichever flooring option you require. If you can name it we can do it.

Living Roof

All SmartCubes come with an artificial grass roof as standard. We will ensure the type of grass used will blend with your garden and increase the visual appeal of the Cube, from whichever angle you are looking. You also have the option to create a living roof maximising the use of space and even
further improving the insulation of your SmartCube.

Price Range: Contact Us for a quotation.


Protect your SmartCube contents with an Alarm system.

Price Range: Contact Us for a quotation.

Internet access points and Satellite installation

Need enhanced connectivity in your SmartCube – no problem! We can rig out your SmartCube with dedicated internet access points including Wifi Booster from your house and Cat5 connections.

Price Range: Contact Us for a quotation.

Sound Proofing

We can sound proof your SmartCube if required – whatever your reason might be from home music studio to karaoke parties.

Price Range: Contact Us for a quotation.

Bath and shower facilities

We can install bathroom facilities as needed. Even if you decide to add a bathroom later on we can provide one of our bathroom pods as an add on later down the road.

Price Range: Contact Us for a quotation.

Enhanced heating and cooling

A SmartCube uses state of the art insulation materials and as a result has exceptional thermal efficiency. We have a number of alternative insulation methods available including Sheeps Wool and Spray Foam insulation.

Price Range: Contact Us for a quotation.

Interior design

Whatever you are using your SmartCube for you will want it to look its very best. We will work with you to design a space that exceeds your expectations and we work closely with our SmartCube Interior Designer to support us in the design process.

Price Range: Contact Us for a quotation.


Double and single double glazed UPC door with a 5 lever locking system will be installed as standard in your SmartCube.

Internal walls

Your SmartCube interior walls will be plasterboarded and skimmed.

Generous electrical spacing provided as standard.

  • 4 double sockets; brushed chrome finish and usb ports
  • Fuseboard
  • Smoke alarm
  • 4 LED spotlights; brushed chrome finish
  • 2 Kw heater
  • 4 Outdoor LED spotlights


Concrete poured or movable pad foundation.

Main building

Floor, wall and ceiling panels are built offsite using precision engineering construction.


ClassicBond EPDM Latex Flat Roofing System. Matching artificial grass roof.


We only use high quality timber from sustainable forests that have then been finished and protected using Shou Sugi Ban.

Shou Sugi ban is an ancient Japanese wood treatment method which involves charring timber to create a stunning and long lasting wood cladding (plus it’s environmentally friendly and free of any additional chemicals).

One cube, endless possibilities

A SmartCube is just perfect so many different uses.

Home Office.

The way we work is changing. Working from home sounds great until your home life becomes indistinguishable from your work life. Restore work/life balance and your sanity with a 5 step commute to your private home office in your back garden.

Home Gym.

A SmartCube works wonderfully as a great space for a home gym or fitness studio.

Family Leisure Room.

If your kids have reached an age where they need a bit more of their own space, a SmartCube makes for a perfect den – but you can still keep an eye on ’em 🙂

Home Studio.

Driving the family up the walls with your new drumkit? No worries, you can still be the next Larry Mullen by taking your drumkit out to the back garden and into your new SmartCube 🙂

Interested in a SmartCube?